Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

Troll leader
You probably haven't seen this movie, but it's called Spiderwick Chronicles.

It's about a  person who makes this book that trolls want, but one day he gets drifted off by magical creatures and a boy, his mom, his sister and his brother move in the house. But they don't know about the book so they await the dangers of the magical book.

There are a lot of fantasy creatures like trolls, griffins, flying flowers, magical sprites and other amazing creatures. The end is happy because the girl finds her dad, who was in a magical land and has not aged. But this time she goes with him to the magical land.

I have seen this movie two times--at the movie theater and at my grandma's house because I got it for Easter two years ago. I'm in the middle of reading the book series, but my sister has already read the whole entire book series. I think you would like this movie.

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