Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Top Ten List of Godzilla Monsters

I am writing my top ten list of Godzilla monsters. I got the idea from my dad because he said I should do a top ten list or a video post (which I might be doing.) Now I will tell you why I like these monsters best.
This is my top ten list of Godzilla monsters:

10. Ghidorah
I like Ghidorah because he has three heads and can breath out lightning.

9. Anguirus
I like Anguirus because he has spikes on his back and can roll really fast.

8. Kamacuras
I like Kamacuras because he is a mutated praying mantis, kind of like Ebirah. I also like Kamacuras because he has giant claws.

7. Ebirah
I like Ebirah because he is a mutated lobster and is gigantic.

6. Smog Monster
I like Smog Monster because he is different from all of the other monsters. He is different because he is made out of recycled waste.

5. The Destroyer
I like The Destroyer because it looks like it has a cool lightsaber that comes out of its head. I also like The Destroyer because my dad said in one of the movies he kills Godzilla in a battle.

4. Gigan
I like Gigan because he has sharp claws and makes a really loud scream.

3. Mechagodzilla
I like Mechagodzilla because he has all of these lasers and came close to beating Godzilla a couple of times.

2. Titanosaurus
I like Titanosaurus because he can blow things away with his tail and makes a really cool sound, kind of like an elephant.

1. Godzilla
I really like Godzilla because he always beats all of the monsters and breaths fire.

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  1. 10. King Ghidorah "breathes out lightning": Not true! KG fires 'Gravity Beams'.

    09. Anguirus at first only 'rolled' in video games, and then in the "Final Wars" movie, if you can call that a movie.

    08. Yes, Kamacuras are mutated...but were were not normal mantis' to start with. "When an American weather control experiment on the Solgell Island accidentally caused a radioactive storm in 1967, the island was doused in a radioactive rainstorm that caused at least three of the island’s already two-meter-long praying mantis' to mutate into 50-meter monsters."

    07. Ebirah may not be mutated, it may be natural, like Mothra. Ebirah was used by the "evil organisation called The Red Bamboo to keep their slave laborers from escaping. No one knows what caused Ebirah to attain such a tremendous size, but rumours of heavy-water leakage from the Red Bamboo's reactor persist to this day."

    06. Destoroyah/Destroyah never killed Godzilla. It did kill Godzilla Junior, but Destroyah was then defeated by Godzilla and Japan's Self Defense Forces (JSDF).

    01. Godzilla doesn't always beat all of the monsters, all of the time. Godzilla has been defeated by a pair of Mothra larvae; Kong walked away from a battle with Godzilla no where to be scene, so at least a 'tie'; Had help from King Seesar to defeat MechaGodilla 1; was poisoned into unconsciousness, by Biollante who then escaped into space; Godzilla is captured by Mech-King Ghidorah and both fell into the sea; Godzilla is defeated by Mothra and Battra, who carry it off to the sea. When Godzilla kills off the injured Battra, Mothra lets go and both the dead Battra and Godzilla fall into the sea. Mothra then 'seals' Godzilla in the sea. MechaGodzilla kills Godzilla, who is then ressurected and powered-up by Rodan. ALSO: Godzilla does not breathe fire, Godzilla is an atomic/nuclear monster, and fires an atomic ray from it's mouth: "Godzilla's scutes glow ominously, and then it lets loose with a concentrated blast of radiation from it's mouth. This power is commonly mistaken for breathing literal fire."