Thursday, August 23, 2012

Treasure Island (1934)

Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins
This movie is very suspenseful! It is filled with action and adventure. I read the book first, and then I saw the movie. The movie was different from the book. The movie was a lot shorter, with some things taken out.

There was a guy named Bill that is searching for a guy with one leg, and it appears to be Long John Silver. But Bill dies before he can find him. This little boy named Jim Hawkins goes on a boat with Long John Silver as one of the other passengers, and they become friends. Jim figures out that Silver is a very bad man, but he still likes him.

Jim Hawkins was my favorite character. He's played by Jackie Cooper, who was one of the the Little Rascals! 

I liked that the good guys found the gold first. But the part that I didn't like was that Long John Silver stole four bags of it while he was in jail, and sailed away with them in the end.

I like this movie a lot, and I think you should watch it too.