Thursday, April 11, 2013

Captain America (2011)

Captain America
I saw the new Captain America about two years ago with my sister and my dad. This movie is about how Captain America became a super soldier and how he starts out. His enemy in this movie is the  Red Skull.

I really like this movie. I basically like every superhero movie. I thought it was kind of funny when Captain America didn't know that he was in the future and thought that he was at his own time period.

My favorite part was the end. I will not tell you the end because I want it to be a surprise. My least favorite part of the movie was the beginning, because there is no action. I really like his costume and I think that his shield is so so cool because I have never seen something ever break it. I hope you like this movie.


  1. I totally agree with you, Jack. The beginning was a total snooze. That's kind of the way that all of the Marvel films are when they show the origins of the characters. Somehow, even after introducing ever character in their own films, they still managed to put a good 90 minutes of introductions in The Avengers. I don't think anything was quite as slow as Ang Lee's The Hulk though. They didn't just share his back story, they shared his father's back story too. I am hoping that now they have all their introductions out of the way, and we can just have a bunch of great action movies, super heroes fighting super villains, and struggling with their own internal conflicts. Fingers crossed that Iron Man 3 gets right to the point. Good review, keep it up!